Comments on Building the CliShay Locomotive


clishay cover

Cover photo by George Payne, courtesy of The Village Press

This site is devoted to building scale steam locomotives, with emphasis on “The CliShay”. You are encouraged to post your comments and if they pertain to the “Locomotive Theme” of this site they are welcome and will be published, other subjects, that I consider offensive to live steam builders will not be published.

All CliShay builders are certainly indebted to Robert Maynard for the engineering, information and advise presented in his Live Steam series and the reprint compilation, in book form, by the Village Press. Thirty five + years later the Locomotive can still be built using the simple hand tools and minimum machinery shown clearly in the text and photos.

Time has a way of changing things, and not always for the better, but there are more people with more sophisticated home machinery and are using inventions that were not even a concept (think Laser Cutting) when Bob wrote his articles. Hopefully this site will expose builders, and prospective builders to proven time and effort saving techniques used in their project.

If I may interject a short commercial here: The  owner of this site has available a number of helpful, time saving “kits” and “laser Cut” parts, and gear sets for sale. Send your inquiries to

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